Cast & Creatives:

Actors: Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Spall, Wendy Morgan, Stephen Lord, David Schaal

Director: Adrian Noble

Director of PhotographyJosep M. Civit

EditorChris Gill

MusicCraig Armstrong

Screenplay byMartyn Hesford

Production DesignerCatrin Meredydd

Nominated for 5 National Film Awards 2020, including;

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Producer
Best British Film
Outstanding Performance

Moya has always believed that there is a natural cross-over between film and screen.

So we were delighted when we were approached by Debbie Gray of Genesius Pictures (Northern Soul, The More you Ignore Me) who was producing a feature film version of Mrs Lowry and Son based on a screenplay written by Martyn Hesford with Adrian Noble directing.
Moya had given Mrs Lowry and Son its world premiere as a stage play by Moya Productions in 2013 at the Trafalgar Studios –

Genesius have lead produced the film in association with Moya and IPG media ;our first full-length feature with Genesius Pictures and the all-star team of Adrian Noble as director, Timothy Spall as L.S Lowry and Vanessa Redgrave as Elizabeth Lowry. Caitlin, Aron and Tom are all Co-Producers on the film.