‘Sometimes you hear about an idea and you find the only correct response is to smack your forehead. Of course! ReadThrough is just such a winner of an idea. Please do everything you can to help us all make ReadThrough a living reality.’ Stephen Fry

ReadThrough is an educational, engaging and fun online play reading service designed to improve the comprehension of exam-body English play and prose texts for ALL students; regardless of social, learning, or educational needs. We offer full readings of curriculum texts, performed live via digital delivery for as many students as we can reach, using professional actors and directors. We also offer bespoke workshop sessions where we take over English/Drama lessons and concentrate on a selection of scenes with the students that are performed, dissected and discussed.

ReadThrough was born out of the new and challenging landscape created by Covid-19. For us, one of the greatest sadnesses has been to see young people having their studies severely disrupted and we want to help. We passionately believe that one of the best ways to access English texts is to see them performed. Seeing a story bought to life will enrich the learning process and give far greater insight into themes, context and characters within the text. We believe that for too long many students have not been able to participate in this way of learning; that live performance has largely been inaccessible to those from less privileged backgrounds. This is a chance to level the playing field and to help us deliver ReadThrough’s services to every child studying English or Drama in every school across the UK, regardless of their circumstances.

Meanwhile, with theatres closed, many actors have been left in a precarious financial situation, with their livelihoods frozen.

With ReadThrough, we want to address both of these problems. Created by a collective of theatre, film and television professionals and run by Moya Productions, ReadThrough will use their joint experience and contacts from the industry to fill this void, with a particular focus on disadvantaged students in the UK:


‘As remote learning has become a necessity of our current situation, I can think of no better or more engaging use of it than what ReadThrough are doing. With this in mind, I whole-heartedly endorse ReadThrough’s mission – that if schools can’t go to the theatre, then they will bring the theatre to them, regardless of the school they attend or the part of the country they live in.’ Dame Emma Thompson