West End Frame – 4 stars

Third Finger, Left Hand is a very simple show which will make you laugh and cry like you never have before. Too often plays are simply comedies or dramas but the beauty of Third Finger, Left Hand is that it has a bit of everything and therefore does not naturally fall into one category. This variety makes Third Finger, Left Hand feel very special indeed.
The play follows two sisters, Niamh and Grace who, after not speaking for a number of years, are looking back and discussing various memories (both good and bad) from their lives. The play is full of nostalgia which instantly made me sit back and feel at ease.
With a cast of two, Amanda Daniels and Imogen Stubbs both play a handful of other characters but from Niamh and Grace’s perspectives (it’s not as confusing as it sounds). The show requires both actresses to go through countless emotions which must be so draining but Amanda and Imogen both give detailed, commendable performances. Every single line is spoken believably and performed with depth.
Act One is incredibly humourous and you cannot help but become emotionally involved and fall in love with both sisters. It is truly heart-warming. Act Two also contains comical moments but it is mostly tender and heartbreaking which guarantees to have the entire audience searching for tissues to dry their eyes.
The continuous presence of music and dance throughout the piece is extremely effective and the use of juxtaposition during the final moments really pulled at my heart strings. Ian Talbot’s swift directions allows no time for you to become bored or lose interest. As the cast took their final bows I suddenly realised I had lost all awareness of time and where I was. I left Trafalgar Studios feeling exhausted as I had been on each and every step of the sisters’ heart wrenching journey with them.
Third Finger, Left Hand is theatre at its very best. The production strips everything back, yet still manages to be a very powerful and moving piece of theatre. A must see.
Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)
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